Crossing the Blues

Sunday, October 31, 2010

"It's New To Me"

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 Renewing yourself  - finding items that speak to who you really are.

With my re-visited love of strolling the area thrift stores, I have been able to fine tune my style. I have put together a few basic rules I follow when thrifting:

1. Go with a list... shopping anywhere with list keeps you on track when side tracked by other items in the store.

1A. go with a look/key piece in mind ... i.e leather skirt, printed blazer.

2. Wear clothes (leggings, fitted, but comfy jeans, fitted tee)  that will allow you to try on garments.

3. Shop with cash, in some stores the price are negotiable and if the credit card machine is out of order, you won't have to leave your found "JEWELS" behind.

4. While you shop - be hands free. Wear an across-the-body purse or super stylish fanny pack.

4. Be mindful of few things such as the hems, holes in the garments, stains & odors.
     *** when purchasing garments you plan to have altered be mindful of time and additional cost and if it will be worth the alteration.

From my last visit:
leather shorts $5 org. - that day all shorts were 50% off, that's right the shorts were $2.50!!! It's my favorite find to date.
knit dress $7
silk skirt (Ann Taylor) $5
black pencil skirt $5
khaki blazer $8

Happy Thrifting!

See you next month.