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Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Parisian in NYC starring Felicia Verna

Check out the trailer to Parisian in NYC. Even if all Felicia does in the actual movie is texts on her phone, it would still be worth the time to watch. She is one of the prettiest texters I've ever seen!

About Felicia Verna, Model| Blogger | Actress | Community Leader
Megan Mincey professionally know as Felicia Ellure Verna (pronounced Ver-nah) was born in Paterson, NJ. At a young age Megan always took a front row seat when it came to being innovative on stage and in front of the camera. Starting at the age of five her mother involved her in performing arts programs such as Jazz, Tap, Ballet, and African Dance under the company Spirit Dance in Paterson, NJ.

During her high school years Megan received offers to join various modeling agency but declined so that she could attend college; in 2005 she was accepted to attend Virginia State University. Virginia State University gave Megan her first since of independence where she was able to find her self and her niche in society. She had her first modeling experience freshman year when she was chosen to participate in Diversified Virtue Entertainment (DVE) version of Top Model. Megan went on to be and still is reining Champion of VSU's Next Top Model.

After watching Top Model during her junior year winter break. Megan was inspired to pursue modeling again now that she was older and wiser. She decided to reach out to a friend Tyrese "Turtle" Shepard who was successful and had experience in the acting, modeling and music industry. Shepard agree to do the shoot in Tribeca, NY; the two made magic. This was the day Felicia Verna was born.

In 2009 she receive her bachelors degree in Criminal Justice from Virginia State University. Since then Felicia has gone on to work with: Ethnicity Models founder by La Shawna Stanley, Photographer Derek Blanks, Davida Baldwin, Derek White, Banks Dupree, Hair Stylist Derek J, Celebrity Make Up Artist Shaisha Beecham, Author KiKi Swinson, Fashion designer Mecca Mckinney of Jypsea, Stacy Angela, Model and Director RJ Harper, Actor Christopher Founrnier. Alonzo Mourning, Donald Trump. Felicia has been featured in the "Trend Setters” Video "Greek of the Month", "Parisian in NYC", "Not Really A Diva"

In 2009 Felicia added “Blogstress” to her list of titles, establishing culture/ fashion blog Felicia has interviewed celebrities such as Chrisete Michelle, J Long and CR. She has done press and media coverage for Dahntay Jones, Al Harrington, Alonzo Mourning Triple F.A.T. Goose and various philanthropy and star studded events. Felicia is very passionate about social issues and takes action by writing about them under her Just Saying section of her page. Her writings also include biblical motivation and enlightenment. During her spare time she enjoys giving back to the community through various community service programs such as her very own step program and events.

Surely Felicia is on a virtuous path to not only to success but making a positive difference one community at a time.

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