Crossing the Blues

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Thrift Shop Jackpot!!!

So even if you know me vaguely, you know that I love a great deal, I love to look GREAT, and I enjoy the treasure hunting of thrift shopping. My girl, Sadrea Muhammad from Maryland, sensed this although we've never discussed it, and texted me photos of her latest finds. It's fascinating to me because I've been doing "weird stuff" like wearing my own natural hair (say it ain't so!) and thrift shopping since my inception, when it wasn't cool. Damn, it feels good to see people up on it! (in my Biz markie voice)
But I digress. Sadrea is clearly a SUPERB shopper. Incredibly stylish and smart! Her finds are so incredible, I must share. Enjoy!
Black sequins t-shirt, Micheal Kors tunic,
Sequins scarf, Black leather skirt $7

Favorite chunky sweater $10

Ace-in-the-hole! $6 for bag and attachments.

Great combo! Sequins tee with leather skirt.

Bright green velvet blazer for that color PUNCH, $7

More incredible finds. Love that scarf!
All selected and styled by Sadrea. Need her "stay-fly-on-a-dime" tips? Hit her at