Crossing the Blues

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Creative Ambassadors

How awesome would if be if every major city had a site like this where we can learn all about the city through the eyes of its "creative ambassadors". In Philly, they have Philly 360, your guide to Philly's diverse creative scene, nightlife, music, food & more. The articles are written by the coolest folks in the city of brotherly love ie: Marsha Ambrosius (famed songstress, now solo-once half of Floetry), Rakia Reynolds (the fashion ambassador), The Roots (they need no introduction) and about 10 other superdope innovators. They tell you the best vintage shops, best place for dessert, best parks, best secret hideouts, the best of everything Philly has to offer. And because I know a handful of them personally, I know for sure that they KNOW what's HOT. All we have to do is follow their lead.