Crossing the Blues

Monday, November 1, 2010

You Can Unlock Your Locks, if You Choose. Shaving Them Off is NOT The ONLY Option.

Abina with a head full of locks

Abina now. Lock-free.

Meet Abina Wood. Lock wearer for 2 years and 11 months who decided she wanted her 'fro back. Did she take the BIG CHOP and start all over again like we all have come to believe is mandatory? NOPE. Has she defied the notion that locks are permanent and the only way to rid oneself of them is to cut them off? YUP.
Here's her journey.

How did you know it was even possible to "unlock" your locks? One night last year I loosed one in the back and saw it was possible and that I did not lose too much of my hair in the process. Then I retwisted it and waited until I was fully ready (to unlock the entire head). (I did it) using a rat tail comb, Main & Tail spray conditioner to keep the hair moist, and was a 12 hour process.
My hair is actually down to mid-breast now. It is way to much hair to handle so I never wear it out. I have to pay someone to do my hair regularly now because it is toooooo much hair!

Why not just cut off your locks and grow your 'fro from that point? Only because a year before locking, I promised myself I wouldn't cut it off again because I had been cutting my hair off every winter. For years I kept going back and forth...cut or comb, cut or comb. So this was me keeping my promise to myself to not cut. And literally, I locked my hair out of laziness so I didn't have to comb my hair while traveling so I was never really attached to them.
After the combout was complete, I got a trim and blow dry from a master natural stylist Janice Brown of Brooklyn/London Tar Baby Hair Designs (, who also helped me in the unlocking process.
Lock being unlocked

Length of Abina's hair after unlocked