Crossing the Blues

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Carnival Socrates

Ain't we got fun?" used to be the motto of Carnival Cruise Lines, which has ended the fun for boatloads of "cougars" hoping to snare willing "cubs."
The Miami-based company, whose ports-of-call include Long Beach, has turned down a request from a singles travel group to book a "cougar" cruise. The term refers to older women who date younger men, who some wag has dubbed "cubs."
According to an Associated Press report (via KPCC-FM 89.3), the singles group says the ban is unfounded. They point to their first cruise on Carnival's Elation in December, which drew about 300 cougars and cubs and was problem-free.
Carnival confirms there were no incidents with last month's trip and calls the torpedoing of the cougar "theme" a business decision. The AP report cites analysts who surmise the decision is meant to protect Carnival's focus on family fun.
Come to think of it, that "Ain't we got fun?" line used to be sung by Carnival pitchwoman Kathie Lee Gifford. What do you call the opposite of a cougar? Betcha she'll become one when Frank enters that Super Bowl stadium in the sky.
Ah, well, cougar party planners purr that they've been welcomed by Carnival's rivals, Norwegian and Royal Caribbean.