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Monday, February 28, 2011

Foto Hot Artis Paulina Gosal Model Majalah Popular

Paulina Gosal

Paulina Gosal

"Paulina Gosal"
A Dream in the Sky

Although always blushed in answering questions, Lina has a myriad of recognition that will leave you stunned. One is sexy on a plane toilet.
Real life is a choice. It is recognized Paulina Gosal, when done together POPULAR photocall. Women who are familiarly called Lina was in fact a career in the entertainment world since 1999 earlier. But because she wanted to finish college, a career that started as a teenager was eventually abandoned. Who would have guessed, after a bachelor's degree accounting, longing for the entertainment world again appears.

In the end, rather than working as an accounting office uniforms sexy, woman born in Manado was instead returned to action in the world of entertainment. Comeback debuted a TV commercial, continues to FTV projects, singing, and eventually landed in the yard Popular Magazine this edition.

Paulina Gosal

Paulina Gosal

You look at all the spirit of today?
Yes. In Tiger this year I tried again actively looking for jobs, so I'm enthusiastic to join this shoot. I want this year's floods as in 2008 and bids, unlike the year 2009 I was not excited and lazy. Anyway, I want the total in the world of entertainment.

The biggest job this year you what?
Actually I've been involved in one of the big screen. Unfortunately, because it was considered too see her sexy scenes, the film was a controversy until now played only in the premiere alone. I am also ready to release a single with D'perdanaku Beginz, the personnel of five female model.

Paulina Gosal

For in the movie that you think the controversy is about, you got what role?
I get the same kiss scene in the bath tube.

The kiss was real?
It's all just a camera trick. The camera was taken from the rear.

You brought the kiss scene then?
His kiss was just a lie, so not to 'want'.

How many times you have to take shots that kiss?
Many times because it considered less hot kissing scene. Precisely because of the kiss lies, so it looks hard. I was told to hold my opponent's shoulder and rocked his head as the lips kiss.